"ℐn the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them plaуing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it αℓℓ." - Ace Rothstein, Casino.
Casino Cartel

The Jackson is decades-old, famous luxury casino. It's been handed down through the patriarchy of Jackson boys, and currently, it's run by Elliot Jackson.

The casino is a treasure of the Eastern hemisphere. It's full of the wealthy and famous, often visited by celebrities and the occasional royalty, all in the name of good fun.

But the Jackson is also hiding a deadly secret; it's the biggest drug cartel in Europe.

It's a Casino Cartel, and in this gamble, the stakes are very, very high.

Important notice to all cartel members:

"If, for our records - as in, employee records - you would be so kind as to have this filled out and submitted to in a timely manner, that would be great. And by that, I mean, fill this out and have it turned in soon. Thanks."

Current Name:

Birth name:


Position in the cartel/casino:

Country of origin:

Languages spoken:

Family members (living and dead):

Number of arrests and crimes convicted of:

Drug and/or drink of choice:

Wanted in any countries? List them :

Known enemies:


Weapon of choice:


Brief personal history:

[Hey, so I was thinking about applying for a character, there isn't much info, should personality just be filled in?]

{{ Yeah! I really just wanted to specify what the character did as opposed to their background. How they got to working at the Jackson, their whole background - age, and everything - is totally up to you! }}